10 knots Uniforms

The Crew


Classic Modern Lines should not solely be used to describe the yacht you live and breathe.

10 knots uniforms have Classic Modern Lines that allow you to breathe and enhance your yacht’s image.

Come on Board…

Our small crew here at 10 knots have had many years of experiences in your world, made lifelong friends and had indescribable adventures along the way.

From Cadet to Captain and from Steward to Personal Masseuse we understand the hours, the physical aspect and the expectations of impeccable service and presentation.

Normally ‘the life’ is worth it and you carry it off with effortless style.

10 knots was created to assist your life on board and enhance your yacht’s image.

Our quality fabrics that breathe and the conservative yet stylish cut will simplify your days and nights.

We recommend 10 knots as your evening attire with long pants (palazzo).

Make an impression at your interview – wear 10 knots – there is no minimum order.

Our Macro and Micro Forecasts

10 knots is dedicated to creating ‘perfect working conditions’... as the name suggests 10 knots generally is considered perfect weather conditions.

Our Micro Forecast is to ensure crew comfort, professional appearance and therefore happier, more efficient individuals.

Our Macro Forecast is to enhance the yacht’s beauty/image… not only by means of style but to never underestimate a content, comfortable, confident crew!

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