10 knots Uniforms

The Practitioner


Our uniforms were designed specifically for this industry.

Joanne (or Jo as her friends and clients know her) has been in private practice as a Remedial Massage Therapist for 12 years.  Attention to detail and presentation (in clinic and clothing) is and always has been as important as technique in her business.

Clients or patients of the health industry expect a hygienic, safe and nurturing environment which we believe follows through to practitioners and their appearance.

Comfort – freedom to move, adjustable fit, superb cut and design.

Fabrics that breathe, you can have Natural (100% Linen), Functional (Poly/Viscose/Lycra) or both in your wardrobe.

Smart, Conservative and Professional.

From am to pm appointments, you will feel and look fresh.  A well-presented practitioner boosts your credibility and the client’s confidence in you.

Unify your industry and experience increased respect and recognition.

We suggest mixing up different styles and colours of pants with our uniforms.  Practitioners look consistent whilst retaining their individuality.

Macro and Micro Forecast

10 knots is dedicated to creating ‘perfect working conditions’... as the name suggests 10 knots generally is considered perfect weather conditions.

Our Micro Forecast is to help the individual therapist (like myself) find suitable uniforms.

Our Macro Forecast is to increase respect and recognition of our industry.

Jo genuinely wanted to make a difference, aesthetically and practically.

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