Fabric Information


Linen is the most comfortable natural fabric. It is the true fabric for summer due to its smoothness and cool quality.

This cool summer fabric is much stronger than the other popular natural fabric – cotton. There are many other benefits of soft linen fabric.

– It is a good conductor of heat and that is why it is so cool.
– It is a highly absorbent fabric and can rapidly lose water, which is good for summers and active work, as it can efficiently deal with perspiration.
– It is very durable and strong. An interesting fact is that it is stronger when wet.
– It is also abrasion resistant as well as resistant to moths and carpet beetles.

Linen fabric can be cared for very easily. It naturally resists dirt and stains. It doesn’t tend to have lint or pills on its surface. Linen fabric can be dry cleaned, machine washed or steamed.

The only concerning issue about linen fabric is that it has poor elasticity and wrinkles very easily, however when adding up the benefits, this limitation is minor.


This beautiful and functional combination was chosen specifically for its exceptional feel and ‘easy care’ properties.

The Polyester assures the easy care factor, the Viscose ensures the garment breathes and the small percentage of Lycra also contributes to your comfort and flattering fit.

We feel the Viscose is the key factor, so here is some more info for you…

Most people assume that there are two kinds of fibres: natural ones, like cotton, wool and silk and artificial ones synthesised out of petrochemicals like nylon and polyester. Viscose falls somewhere in between. The raw material for viscose is cellulose which is broken down either mechanically or chemically and reformed as fibres. Trees are 50% cellulose, cotton is 90% cellulose, so viscose is more accurately described as a natural, or recovered, fibre.

Viscose, with its natural origins has many unique properties. Viscose drapes and swings beautifully and the material is softer than cotton and more springy than silk. It is comfortable to wear and is great for dying. It is its absorbency which makes Viscose so comfortable and fresh feeling to wear.