Our Vision

We are all beings full of infinite potential – enhanced by 10 knots.

Joanne, a professional Remedial Massage Therapist, searched for suitable attire in the setup of her massage business which encompassed both land and sea clients.

10 knots evolved as she realised the enormous number of physically demanding jobs requiring an exceptional, functional and professional wardrobe solution.

10 knots is dedicated to creating ‘perfect working conditions’… as the name suggests 10 knots generally is considered perfect weather conditions.

For the Crew

Our Micro Forecast is to ensure crew comfort, professional appearance and therefore happier, more efficient individuals.

Our Macro Forecast is to enhance the yacht’s beauty/image… not only by means of style but to never underestimate a content, comfortable, confident crew!

For the Practitioner

Our Micro Forecast is to help the individual therapist (like myself) find suitable uniforms.

Our Macro Forecast is to increase respect and recognition of our industry.

Jo genuinely wanted to make a difference, aesthetically and practically.