Why Uniforms?

“We are all beings full of infinite potential”
— enhanced by wearing 10 knots.

Uniform Importance

Customers see uniformed employees as more ‘trustworthy’.

Customers believe employees in uniform are more capable and competent.

All things being equal, customers prefer to buy from companies whose employees are in uniform.

A classic uniform unifies body shapes & sizes, colour, sex and equalizes social status.

A uniform creates a stable (secure) first impression and eliminates the expectation to keep up with fashion trends.

Confirm with your Accountant or Tax Advisor regarding the benefits of purchasing and branding uniforms.

Consider approaching associated businesses to co-brand, and therefore reduce the cost.

Frustrated by the plunging necklines, oil stained clothing, exposed underwear, floating garments which are not at all practical, singlet tops and unsightly underarms (male and female)… all could be solved with one well designed uniform.

Hence the beginning of the search for the perfect uniform to complement all shapes and sizes.

Beneath the Surface –

what you may not know…

Each garment/uniform has a concealed inner pocket close to the solar plexus point. Designed to place your favourite protective crystal for an ultimate shield – so not to lose yourself in the service of others. It is also perfect for small valuable items such as wedding rings or locker key – we recommend to pin in for security.

Climate control is now recognised as a major factor in productivity. 10 knots is made with the tropics in mind although not limited to! We suggest southerners and those of you in air conditioned environments to wear a good quality thermal singlet. Keep your core warm and arms are still free to work, no one will know.